A little frown of irritation twitched the muscles of Flo’s face, just ever so slightly.

“One,” she said, “no I haven’t: you were implying that rabbits had nothing else to tell me – which is not the case – and I was just saying, so what? It’s something I can well do to learn. Two; you came by here I presume to see me – unless you just fancied a pretty walk. Pretty walk, talk to me, whichever; haven’t you got chores of your own to be doing? Three; I have just washed, fed and dressed three trolls and brushed their hair, done the washing, fed the chickens and set the bread to rise. Already. Now. Before sun-up. And, four – “

“How many is on this list?” interrupted Eb.

“Only this one last thing, which it would do you no harm to hear. Four, there are amazing things to be learned from rabbits, and especially from their mating patterns. If it wasn’t for rabbits’ sexual habits, the world wouldn’t have the Fibonacci sequence today!”

She glared at him, triumphant. Beat that, her furious bright eyes seemed to say.