As Hannah began to play for the aria, Dorcas looked round for her friends, to assure herself they seemed at home and not at a loss or without companions. She saw Hope first, carrying a candle to the corner where Andy wanted her to practice the reading – but when she saw the expression on Esther’s face, Dorcas looked across in fascination to see who had called forth her soul in that way. It was Eli Baer, standing ready to begin the aria. ‘Thus sayeth the Lord – the Lord of hosts . . .’ Eli’s bass voice would stop anyone in their tracks – but Dorcas read more than musical appreciation in the way Esther was looking at him. ‘Oh my!’ A little frisson of excitement and delight shimmied through Dorcas’ soul. ‘There’ll be no girls left in the Quiet Way! A migration of ten Eychs! Hallelujah!’